Small to Medium Property Management Companies; Outsource your maintenance

If you are a small to medium size property management company then you really need to evaluate if outsourcing your maintenance is right for you. Todays homes are more and more complicated and local code enforcement is getting more and more active in rental properties. Its almost impossible for one person to be jack of all trades. If they are, then you’re paying a fortune for it.

On average a skilled tech will seek minimum $15-$22/hour for you to keep them on full time. If your are paying taxes, benefits, office space, storage, this could be costing you $33-45K a year in expenses. This is just your labor, who by the way might be spending the first hour or two at a desk or in front of coffee pot and the last hour of there day who knows where? Combined with the 3 trips to Home Depot everyday, parts you bought they didn’t use and the new tools they needed, you might average a few billable hours for them that day.

Its nice to have a full-time maintenance person on hand for the immediate calls. But if its costing you $140-175 a day, then you should consider outsourcing.

Westrom Home and Service is a solid group of maintenance techs in the Tarrant county area who offer the same benefits of quick, prompt maintenance at a fraction of the cost. Service calls start at $42 with same day service.

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