Reduce your electric bills in 3 simple steps

Electric cost are rising every year and family budgets are getting tighter and tighter. Take 3 simple steps to keep you electric bill down.

1.Change every light bulb in your house to CFL bulbs (Compact Florescent Light). Buy them in the contractor packs of 12 and save. Average is about $1.25/bulb. Your average light bulb is 60-75 watts. The new CFL bulbs are 14 watts or less. That is a 75% savings.

2. Change your air filter at least every 3 months and wash down your outside AC unit at least once a year during the summer. Plugged filters and dirty outside unit can raise you electric bill by 30-40%

3. Have an old fridge? Newer fridges (last 3-5 years) are so energy efficient that they only use a fraction of the electricity compared to old ones. A new fridge for about $450-650 can pay for itself in 12-16 months in electrical savings.

Taking these simple 3 simple steps can add more money to your pocket book each month.

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