Is your property safe

At Westrom Home and Service your safety is our number one concern. As an owner you need to make sure you home is safe and sound for your tenants. There are 3 things you should always be proactive in checking every year on your properties.

Smoke detectors. Every bedroom should have an operational smoke detector in it and one just outside the rooms. Batteries should be changed every year. Some local city codes require that the smoke detectors be interconnected. That is if one smoke detector activates, all the smoke detectors activate.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killers and cause more and more incidents and deaths each year. If you have gas appliances or gas heaters in your rental property, you must provide at least one Carbon Monoxide detector just outside bedroom areas. They are battery operated and like the smoke detectors tested and batteries changed at least once a year.
Are you outlets near water sources GFI (Ground Fault Protected). GFI protected outlets will instantly cut the power to that outlet in the event of a short or shock. The are required around any water source (ie sinks, tubs, faucets). GFI protected outlets were not required on older homes and sometimes bypassed or disconnected by tenants for one reason or another. Its your responsibility as owners to insure that all you outlets are protected.

Tenants are generally unaware of the basic safety devices required in a home to keep it safe and sound. As an investment owner, you should do your part to keep your property safe and your tenants informed.

Westrom Home and Service is here to help you keep your investment and tenants safe. We offer an annual service to check devices and educate tenants. For $42 we’ll inspect each device and educate the occupants of the devices function and importance.

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