How much is a fair service call

How much do you pay for a service call and what do you get out of it? Most trade companies (HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers etc…) typically have an upfront service fee for just simply showing up at your property. Rates vary but typically run about $80 and sometimes do not include any service. On average, an owner will spend between $125-250 on a specialized skilled trade service call.

Westrom Home and Service is the home of the $42.00 service call. We come with skilled technicians that have answers for the simple of repairs or more in complex. Your service call also includes the first 1/2 hour of service. So on average, our owners spend about $42-65 for the same service that you might have paid 3-4 times more for.

If you are a property manager or property owner, call us today to get on board with our cost effective maintenance.

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